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tankless water heater Chilliwack

tankless water heater Chilliwack

Tankless water heater Chilliwack

Choosing between sticking to your old hot water tank or upgrading to a new one isn't always straightforward. You have to consider the pros and cons of the impending upgrade, and of course, the cost outlay. To make choosing easier, we have curated a list of the most common questions about getting a tankless water heater in Chilliwack and answers that can help you make an informed decision.

How does a tankless water heater work?

A tankless water heater in Chilliwack provides hot water on demand. Unlike traditional water tanks that store water and keep it at a set temperature until it's needed, tankless heaters come with a powerful electric coil and gas burner that allows them to heat the water whenever the tap is open. Once the hot water is no longer needed, the tankless heater stops working, and there is no waste of energy.

How much can a tankless water heater save me?

The potential cost savings is the main reason why most people consider upgrading to a tankless water heater in Chilliwack. However, it's hard to put a figure to how much you'll save. Information from Consumer Reports reveals that tankless water heaters are about 22% more efficient than their conventional counterparts.

The exact amount you'll save will depend on how much water you use in your home. However, most households save up to hundreds of dollars annually on energy bills alone. When you factor in the fewer maintenance requirements, the savings could become even more considerable over the unit's lifetime.

Are there different types of tankless water heater?

There are three main types of tankless water heaters in Chilliwack:

  • Non-condensing: This class represents the earliest tankless units. The units employ a heat exchanger, and the best of them can attain an Efficiency Factor of .85. These products have been around for a while, and they are quite reliable. However, their exhaust necessitates installing stainless steel venting alongside each unit. They also become much less efficient if you use water in short draws.
  • Condensing: Condensing units use two heat exchangers. The second exchanger reuses the heat generated by the primary exchanger's exhaust to heat your water further. This increases the unit's efficiency factor to .94. Another advantage of these units is that they generate much less heat as waste, and their vents can be made from inexpensive PVC.
  • Condensing hybrid: The hybrids represent the latest generation of tankless water heaters. Unlike their earlier generations, condensing hybrids are not exactly tankless. They come with a small holding tank that just large enough to hold not more than 2 gallons of water. So, rather than heat water for quick draws such as washing your hand, the water will be supplied from the holding tank. This raises the Efficiency Factor of the unit to .96.

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tankless water heater Chilliwack
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tankless water heater Chilliwack
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